Cakes for a Cause….

5 Sep

Cakes for a Cause… this phrase has been rolling around in my head since Christmas time of last year.  I had worked in previous years as a professional pastry chef, yet more recently than that I had returned from a year traveling the world.  I didn’t travel as most do, hopping from resort to resort, sight seeing in the biggest cities. I lived in the slums of the least desirable towns and cities in countries on four different continents. I saw too many needs to comprehend.  And then i returned to America… back to my “real” life.

So there I was, just over a year later, thinking about possibly getting back into the dessert world, yet knowing I couldn’t ignore what I had seen.  That’s when “cakes for a cause” rang through my ears.  Why not use the skills I already had to meet the needs of those impoverished and neglected all over the world?!  There are so many organizations truly making a difference… Why not support them through the making and selling of my baked goods?!

That’s what jennycakes is all about!  It’s using my passion to help fund projects that are actually bringing hope and change.  My goal is that one day soon, jennycakes will partner with a different organization every 3-6 months and donate proceeds from sales to projects currently in progress.  I cannot wait to see how these partnerships turn into testimonies and stories of how even something as small as a cupcake can make a difference.


One Response to “Cakes for a Cause….”

  1. Sylvia Donaldson November 12, 2011 at 11:25 pm #

    I am a good friend of Blair’s Grandmother in Montgomery. She told me about you. We are going to be on Col Spgs for the Thanksgiving Holidays. Please send me a price list and the cakes you make. Look forward to getting something from you. Sylvia Donaldson

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