The Scone Epiphany!

27 Feb


Over the past few weeks, i have been experimenting with different scone flavors for the local coffee shop for which I provide.  I started with Orange Cranberry and when those began to fly out the door… the demand caused the manager and I to brainstorm about what other flavors customers would like.

I gave her about six to seven options for the next endeavor and she chose Lemon Poppyseed and Ham & Cheddar- another sweet flavor and a savory one that we thought may appeal to the afternoon crowd.










Now, I have been making these scones (mainly the orange cranberry ones) for months!!  My roommate and friends have heard me talk about making them, etc…. yet for some reason, no desire to try them or see what the whole scone things was about occurred to anyone…. Until!


me: “Roommate, try this Lemon Poppyseed scone to see if there is enough lemon flavor”

roommate: “ok”.  She takes a bite.

me: “What do you think?”

roommate: “Oh my goodness!  This is great! I never knew scones were this yummy!”


And this is when the Scone Epiphany took place…


From that day on, word has spread.  I have had friends go to the local coffee shop to buy scones for breakfast.  I have had my roommate offer to pay for a scone that i technically bake in our shared kitchen!  I have even had friends ask for a sign up sheet at our weekly dinner to put in an order for them for the next week!

This is a fun epiphany for a couple reasons….

  1. Scones are indeed delicious! They are somewhere between a biscuit and a muffin…. holding the same creative flavor possibilities as muffins, yet with the not so delicate nature.
  2. Because my friends do get so excited about such things… It has become a great conductor of business for this coffee shop… and thus, jennycakes!  We are selling out of scones a couple times a week now!


So, jennycakes fans…. if you have not tried a scone in a while (or ever!)…. Now is the time!!!  Either whip up a batch in your own kitchen or go out to a local bakery and savor one with a hot cup of joe!


2 Responses to “The Scone Epiphany!”

  1. ashleymusick February 27, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    I wish I lived closed enough to buy one of your scones. *sigh.

  2. Laura Z February 27, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    Just made chocolate chip(Mini) cream scones last night. I LOVE scones. The good thing is they are not a favorite in my house. So, more for me:) I bet your scones are amazing!!!!


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