I have been called Jen, Jenny and Jennifer throughout my life… and even jenny cakes by a guy  I went to college with which is where i get the name for my company!

I am an eater of most things (especially if it has sugar in it!), a world traveler, and adventurous spirit and cardigan wearer.  Shortly after finishing my bachelor’s degree and I decided that my psychology degree would do me no good so I applied to culinary school.  My mom had owned a catering company and my aunt a wedding cake business, so when thinking of the future…. the light bulb quickly went off…. I will be pastry chef!  I attended The Culinary Institute of America, one of the country’s best culinary schools.  It was there that I learned the beauty, simplicity and art of food.  This was also around the time that the Food Network was gaining popularity and it’s first set of “personalities” was forming, so going into the food industry went from another trade to the cool thing to do… good timing for me!


I have worked as a pastry chef in both Texas and Colorado.  I have done everything from sugar show pieces to apple pies… and in the end, I like making beautiful cakes the best.  In 2009 I traveled the world and was able to see food in a whole new way!  Street food in Cambodia, food cooked over a camp fire in the bush of Africa and pastries in the cafes of Europe. All gave me an expanded palette for new flavors, ingredients and styles that I hadn’t known before.  Along with that though, also came the blatant awareness of the poverty, oppression and the misfortune in those places.

So here I am… starting a new adventure by combining both passions: baking and social injustice awareness.  My hope is that my customers will not only buy from me because they love my cakes, but also because they love what I stand for.  I hope to incorporate those needs that I saw into the everyday business of jennycakes.  Keeping perspective in the world is of utmost importance to me and helping organizations all over the world through the selling of my cakes is exactly what I want to be about.



One Response to “About”

  1. Robin Stieber November 19, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    HI Jenny- met you and your cupcakes at an opening on Tejon last month…wonder if you do Christmas cookies? Need a batch for December 2, only angels…..let me know!
    Robin at 201-9162

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